The Password Pusher JSON API documentation.

This API allows for both anonymous and authenticated access.

To authenticate, get your API token from the API token page and then apply it in your API calls as request headers:

'X-User-Email': “<email>”

'X-User-Token': “<token>”


curl -X DELETE -H “X-User-Email: <email>” -H “X-User-Token: <token>”


View your previously created pushes.

Resource Description
GET /d/active.json Retrieve your active pushes.
GET /d/expired.json Retrieve your expired pushes.

Interact directly with pushes.

Resource Description
GET /p/:url_token.json Retrieve a push.
POST /p.json Create a new push.
GET /p/:url_token/preview.json Helper endpoint to retrieve the fully qualified secret URL of a push.
GET /p/:url_token/audit.json Retrieve the logged views for a push.
DELETE /p/:url_token.json Expire a push: delete the payload and expire the secret URL.